Haute Couture

Technology is admittedly a blessing when it comes to recruiting staff. But for all its transparency and easy accessibility, optimal matchmaking cannot do without face-to-face contact.
It’s a bit like internet dating. You may have found someone but only the body language, feelings and intuition experienced during a real meeting will tell you if you are made for each other.
Similarly, it is only during the follow up phase of the recruitment process that people can be tempted into happy, successful, and long-term business relationships. It may take a simple click to make the connection but the parties have to click as well!

The internet is crucial when searching for staff but what comes next is precision work, the beyond bits, bytes and algorithms tailoring that results in a bespoke suit that will stand the test of time. Made-to- measure will trump mass production every time. The increasing demand for specific (and scarce) talent means the skills of a professional tailor are needed to deliver a fit of haute-couture standards.To find the right person for the job, it is essential to gauge the wishes and demands of both parties. Is the client really looking for the type of person he specified? And is this really the dream job the candidate envisaged? The only way to find out is to meet, talk, observe and interpret body language – in short, all the things you can’t do sitting in front of a screen. It takes a tailor-made service. And that is what JAH! has to offer.

Over the years, we have developed the specific feel and intuition needed to achieve the perfect match. We hope that the New Year, which is dedicated worldwide to the promotion of dialogue and cooperation, will bring many made-to-measure matches.

May we continue to click in 2019!